To do, or not to do; is that your question, too?

For most women, having sex during periods poses many questions. Period sex has been a long-debated topic as it not only involves the obvious fact of being messy, but also the doubts of unwanted pregnancy and contracting STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

While having sex during menstruation has both pros and cons, let’s first address the elephant in the room — can you get pregnant if you have sex during your periods?

Well, the probability is low, but it is possible.

That’s because a sperm can live up to 5 days inside you, so even if you have sex towards the end of your bleeding, you might end up conceiving later with early ovulation.

So, should women refrain from period sex? No. In fact, it has been observed that women feel a higher sex drive during their periods than the other 25–27 days of the month. The reason is a surge of Testosterone (the male hormone which is present in small amounts in women’s ovaries as well), that results in higher libido (sexual desire). It’s not just you, it’s your hormones.

However, the scare of STDs and unwanted pregnancy should in no way hamper your sex life during periods. It is safe for both you and your partner. It has been established that having sex during periods makes menstrual cramps less painful for women and the contraction of the uterus when you orgasm can help shorten your period duration as well.

However, as much as sex creates the ‘happiness’ hormone (Endorphin) in women, it also increases the chances of contracting STD and other yeast infections. Hence, it’s always advisable to use protection.

And just to make your own experience more wholesome, at the same time comfortable, you can refrain from certain positions during period sex. If you wear tampons, remember to remove it or wear menstrual cups instead. You can also add an extra layer on the bedding to avoid creating an unpleasant mess amidst pleasurable moments.

Remember ladies, we strongly advocate that nothing should stop women from doing what they want, but a little precaution does go a long way!

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