How to Wear White During Your Period

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3 min readApr 24, 2019

We love experimenting with our appearances, trying out different styles, colours, keeping abreast of what’s in and what’s not. But while neons come and go, and pastels become trendy one season, a colour which is classy, irrespective of the mood of the hour, is White. However, come ‘those days’ and our love for White takes a backseat. Even if it’s the summer season when Whites provide the necessary relief and make a dashing style statement, it’s become commonplace for women to embrace the darker shades during their menstrual cycle.

When did wearing White become a taboo during periods? Is it the real fear of leakage or our mothers and grandmothers advocating how it’s best to avoid the ‘risk’? We are in 2019 and nothing should stop women to make a choice as basic as what they wish to wear! When Serena Williams steps into the Wimbledon court that has a strict all-White dress code, should period stains be on her priority list? No right? Then why should it stop you?

Let us give you some easy-to-follow tips for wearing White on your periods and we promise, it’d make your menstrual days a breeze while staying in style at the same time.

Tip 1: Whether you prefer using tampons or eco-friendly menstrual cups like the Diva cup, always wear spandex over your panties to rock your Whites even during the period days. Spandex also keeps the sanitary pads in place, hence minimizing leakage risks.

Tip 2: Use panty liners with your tampons, so that it can soak up anything that your tampon misses, especially on days you have a heavy flow. This will make the vulnerable White a much more solid option. For the lighter days, you can opt for just the panty liner.

Tip 3: While period-proof underwear has been only recently introduced, investing in one is a good option, since it can easily absorb as much as two tampons in one usage. They aren’t as easily available as pads and tampons, but there are a few online stores that offer them, such as these made by an Indian company called Lavos, and Soch period panties available on Amazon.

Tip 4: Keep a tab on your menstrual days, a clever hack to avoid soiling that favourite White outfit. With a plethora of apps to remind us, this is now cakewalk for women across the globe.

So, take home these tips for wearing White on your periods, and relish the joy of being stress-free!




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