How Does Cranberry Help With UTI?

Urinary Tract Infections

UTIs are mainly caused mainly when bacteria set up home in the bladder.

How do people with UTIs deal with it?

People are usually prescribed:

  • Lots of water to make one frequently urinate and flush out bacteria
  • In terms of dietary solutions, Cranberry is the most commonly prescribed natural food product either as a juice or fruit to fight the infection in addition to antibiotics and water.

What are the forms of Cranberry consumed?

  • Fresh whole berries
  • Juices (10 to 25% pure juices)
  • Capsules (in concentrated form)
  • Whole cranberries should be consumed with lots of water.
  • The most common form consumed is Cranberry juice and Cranberry cocktails.
  • Cranberry cocktail contains 25% cranberry juice +75 % with other fruit juices for sweetness (reduce the tart flavor of the cranberry) is most consumed by women to get relief from the symptoms of UTIs.
  • Concentrated cranberry juice with no added sugars and is tart.

How do PACs help?

Every time one has a UTI, the bacteria make a home for themselves in the Urinary bladder. They anchor themselves to inner walls of the bladder/ stick to the walls very tightly. Bacteria use special claws to fix themselves tightly onto the wall. They grow in number and spread inside the urinary bladder.

What form of Cranberry is the best and how much PACs should I consume?

How can you deal with the other symptoms apart from killing the bacteria? Is there a holistic solution to the issue?

Yes. Here are some measures you can take to prevent UTI:

  • Do not hold your pee for too long
  • Develop good bowel habits, as diarrhea or constipation may cause infection from the rectum to stray to the vagina
  • Wipe from front to back after urinating or excreting
  • Pee before and after sex
  • Shower instead of soaking in a bath, and avoid using oils
  • Avoid using spermicides or a diaphragm during sex
  • Wear cotton underwear and keep the genital area clean and dry
  • Sanitary pads and menstrual cups are a healthier alternative to tampons
  • Avoid using deodorant or perfumed products around the genital area
  • Sanitise the toilet seat before using a public restroom

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