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5 min readFeb 1, 2021

A urinary tract infection is an infection affecting any of the urinary parts such as Kidneys, Ureters, Urinary Bladder, the Kidneys. Bacteria, fungi and viruses can cause this irritating infection. Women have a higher chance of developing UTIs. It can be because of a bacteria reaching to your urine and travelling through your urethra to your urinary bladder, to your ureters and reaching and affecting other organs.

So wondering what you can do to prevent UTI at home? Here are some tips you can do at home to prevent UTI!

Tips and Treatments for UTI:

Water to your rescue

When we talk about the benefits that water offers, the list never ends. Water helps to remove the toxic waste out of the body, making you pee often. Water helps the kidney remove the waste by softening the excretory by-products making them move easily and maintains a good body temperature. It is advisable to consume just the right amount, excess of water is also harmful.

Attempt Nature’s call

Controlling urine for too long can put pressure on the urinary bladder and weaken its muscles. This can also cause bacteria build-up and invite UTI. Holding pee can also cause conditions like Kidney stones. One should also avoid holding pee if he/she has a long history of urinary disorders. It is advisable to empty your bladder as soon as you wake up, and have healthy urinating habits. If you don’t urinate as soon as you wake up, chances are that you might be dehydrated and should consume more fluids.


Vitamin-C is advisable for both professional as well as self-management of UTI. You can easily consume your vitamins through delicious options including fruits like oranges, grapefruits, strawberries and blueberries, also through a lot of green leafy vegetables. Vitamin-C also induces an acidic medium in the urine that prevents the growth of any bacteria. It is important to note that Vitamin-C can only “ease” the symptoms and not kill the infection altogether. With chronic UTI, this treatment is not adequate or advised.

Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice may act like “antibiotics” against UTI but the benefits might be small. It is proven that a substance found in pure cranberry juice/extract or just cranberry, in general, prevents bacteria from sticking along the walls of the urinary tract. Pure Cranberry juice has been traditionally used to cure symptomatic UTI and also contains anti-oxidants. Though some people dislike its taste, the option can always be made yummier for the tummy.

Change incontinent products

Absorbent pads commonly used by the elderly during bowel incontinence when left unchanged can cause infection to enter the bladder through the stool. Even unchanged sanitary pads and tampons can increase the chance of infection, thus it is advisable to change them frequently. There are still debates if using sanitary pads or tampons are better for menstrual blood. Don’t use vaginal washes, gels and sprays.

Use chemical-free soap to clean your private area gently every day.

Avoid taking birth control or any medications

These medications will change your hormone levels. Antibiotics might be advisable for travelling UTI, but the body can naturally fight against it unless it is not asymptomatic or chronic. Most UTI can be treated on its own but it’s always best to consult your doctor so that the infection does not reach your kidneys. In fact, antibiotics which kill and fight bacteria are the common medications given by doctors to patients suffering from any sort of UTIs.

Using Toilet paper and wiping from front to back

Any remaining faecal matter can introduce bacteria into the bladder. It is this advise me to develop a good, healthy hygienic routine which involves wiping well after excretion. Private parts should be well cleaned daily or especially whenever you excrete. Different toilet paper should be used.

After Sex routine

It is advisable to shower and wash your private parts well after any sort of sexual activity. Urinating after sex immediately also helps prevent infection. It is advisable to use barrier contraception. Make sure that your partner does not have any infection as it can be transferred to you during sexual activity.

Avoid wearing tight clothes

When you wear loose and comfortable clothes, you allow your skin to breathe and thus reduce the chances of sweat and bacteria accumulating at one place. Wearing comfortable cotton clothes (especially during night) is helpful in reducing the risks of any infection.

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